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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11301288981571014146516130*Braden YoungerSouth Yarra2022/2023C South9 1Carnegie
210123696031571014149857101*Trent CornishSouth Yarra2022/2023Sunday Turf 37 1STC South Camberwell
31013615861571014144813101*Julian BlackSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade9 1Youlden Parkville
495100142157101414480195Kenan AlevSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade6 1National
572361586157101414480972*Julian BlackSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade8 1Indigos
6702369603157101414507070Trent CornishSouth Yarra2022/2023C Grade8 1Power House
769361586157101414480169Julian BlackSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade6 1National
869594215157101414985769*Jack ManeraSouth Yarra2022/2023Sunday Turf 37 1STC South Camberwell
967721985157101414522667*Tony SasseSouth Yarra2022/2023D Grade3 1Parkville District
1060100142157101414480960Kenan AlevSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade8 1Indigos
11582188550157101414489758Shivanta De SilvaSouth Yarra2022/2023A Reserve8 1Melbourne Falcons
125621157101414523056*Gideon C HaighSouth Yarra2022/2023D Grade4 1Emerald Hill
1356212901157101414523856Ben McLeanSouth Yarra2022/2023D Grade6 1Melbourne City
1456212901157101414524456Ben McLeanSouth Yarra2022/2023D Grade7 1Sacred Heart
15541145511157101414489354Soumyadip PalSouth Yarra2022/2023A Reserve7 1Flemington Colts
1653361586157101414480353Julian BlackSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade7 1Emerald Hill
1751361586157101414478551Julian BlackSouth Yarra2022/2023A Grade2 1Parkville District
1850178321157101414523050David StrachanSouth Yarra2022/2023D Grade4 1Emerald Hill
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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