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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11121001421551013839927112Kenan AlevSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade12 1Parkville District
2831096755155101383991683*Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade9 1National
3751143931155101399645875*Vinod RichardsSouth Yarra2021/2022D South4 1Racing Rugby Melbourne
472987523155101384003272*Varun WijewardaneSouth Yarra2021/2022B Grade4 1Reds
5671096755155101383993967Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade15 1Emerald Hill
6671096755155101383988767Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade2 1National
763427267155101383993163*Ryan ClarkeSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade13 1Flemington
863435242155101383993963Joshua DenietSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade15 1Emerald Hill
9571096755155101383992457Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2021/2022A Grade11 1Indigos
10571748336155101384009857*Abhay AvadhaniSouth Yarra2021/2022C Grade4 1Emerald Hill
11562137347155101384009256Matthew AinsworthSouth Yarra2021/2022C Grade3 1Sacred Heart
1255212901155101399647055*Ben McLeanSouth Yarra2021/2022D South8 1Melbourne Strikers
1353773562155101384003553Donald G ElliottSouth Yarra2021/2022B Grade5 1Power House
14501753427155101399645350David C JohnsonSouth Yarra2021/2022D South2 1Brighton
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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