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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
117316524301261012678066173Declan LinesSouth Yarra2017/2018A Grade3 1Middle Park
2961652430126101267806596Declan LinesSouth Yarra2017/2018A Grade2 1Yarra-United
391362523126101267801591Luke HudgsonSouth Yarra2017/2018A Reserve2 1Royal Park Reds
4871645371126101267806587Adam WirthSouth Yarra2017/2018A Grade2 1Yarra-United
5851248743126101267874985*Chris KonoligeSouth Yarra2017/2018D Sunday Grade4 1Thornbury Turf Strokers
6761017773126101267828176Mitch WestonSouth Yarra2017/2018C South Grade3 1Sacred Heart
7751068067126101267874275*David PolmearSouth Yarra2017/2018D Sunday Grade3 1Carnegie
8711143026126101270661371*Ryan HannaSouth Yarra2017/2018A Grade1 1Youlden Parkville
9671600168126101267828167Ethan SharpeSouth Yarra2017/2018C South Grade3 1Sacred Heart
10651398088126101268234065*Norm SzostakSouth Yarra2017/2018D Grade2 1Flemington Colts
1165176694126101268234665Geoff CraigSouth Yarra2017/2018D Grade4 1Flemington Colts
1263272121126101267828563*Frazer HughesSouth Yarra2017/2018C South Grade4 1Monash University
13601616071126101267806060William de CaniSouth Yarra2017/2018A Grade1 1Parkville District
1459898876126101267801259*Colin WhitehouseSouth Yarra2017/2018A Reserve1 1Parkville District
15581068067126101267873558David PolmearSouth Yarra2017/2018D Sunday Grade2 1Monash University
16551158537126101267873555Bill KelsallSouth Yarra2017/2018D Sunday Grade2 1Monash University
17541213801126101267828954Matthew RichardsSouth Yarra2017/2018C South Grade5 1Burnley CYMS
18501260113126101267829550Philip GunnSouth Yarra2017/2018C South Grade6 1National
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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