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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110918978921531013645691109*Archie MacphersonSouth Yarra2020/2021A Grade7 1Indigos
2862145529153101364801286Andrew MacdonaldSouth Yarra2020/2021C Sunday10 1Brunswick
386382740153101364589886*Joshua FarrellSouth Yarra2020/2021A Reserve7 1Emerald Hill
4861897892153101364568386Archie MacphersonSouth Yarra2020/2021A Grade5 1Sacred Heart
5841598566153101364587684Hamza FaiziSouth Yarra2020/2021A Reserve2 1Flemington
6721158536153101364801272*James KelsallSouth Yarra2020/2021C Sunday10 1Brunswick
7681895030153101364594268Daniel SnowballSouth Yarra2020/2021B Grade1 1Melbourne Falcons
8681068067153101364932868David PolmearSouth Yarra2020/2021D Sunday5 1Thornbury Turf Strokers
9671671326153101364568367*Alex CoetzeeSouth Yarra2020/2021A Grade5 1Sacred Heart
10601068067153101364931160David PolmearSouth Yarra2020/2021D Sunday1 1Edinburgh
1157382740153101364590457Joshua FarrellSouth Yarra2020/2021A Reserve9 1Gunbower United
12561096755153101364570356Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2020/2021A Grade10 1Parkville District
13551096755153101364569455Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2020/2021A Grade8 1Sacred Heart
1454773562153101364595854Donald G ElliottSouth Yarra2020/2021B Grade5 1Parkville District
1553176694153101364622753*Geoff CraigSouth Yarra2020/2021D Grade13 1Flemington
16501559161153101364931150Toby PeacockSouth Yarra2020/2021D Sunday1 1Edinburgh
17501248743153101364590050Chris KonoligeSouth Yarra2020/2021A Reserve8 1Melbourne City
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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