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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110610680671481012966793106*David PolmearSouth Yarra2018/2019D Sunday Grade1 1Canterbury
297126915148101294836597Kim PriceSouth Yarra2018/2019A Grade3 1Yarra-United
383657309148101296680983Roland Clifton-BlighSouth Yarra2018/2019D Sunday Grade5 1Thornbury Turf Strokers
4781144029148101295282878Thejas BalaramanSouth Yarra2018/2019D Grade2 1Barnawartha North
5641757338148101294836564Fergal WalterSouth Yarra2018/2019A Grade3 1Yarra-United
6631096755148101302406463Sam ChapmanSouth Yarra2018/2019A Reserve1 1Youlden Parkville
763212901148101296671463Ben McLeanSouth Yarra2018/2019C South Grade6 1Monash University
8631248743148101296669963Chris KonoligeSouth Yarra2018/2019C South Grade3 1Brighton
9601298148101295282860Neil DawsonSouth Yarra2018/2019D Grade2 1Barnawartha North
10541179483148101295263754David R WoodSouth Yarra2018/2019A Reserve3 1Royal Park Reds
1154167889148101296671254James DixonSouth Yarra2018/2019C South Grade5 1Ashwood
1253267650148101296671253Tim S WalkerSouth Yarra2018/2019C South Grade5 1Ashwood
13531068067148101296680453David PolmearSouth Yarra2018/2019D Sunday Grade3 1Flemington Colts
14531068067148101296680953David PolmearSouth Yarra2018/2019D Sunday Grade5 1Thornbury Turf Strokers
15511179483148101294835951David R WoodSouth Yarra2018/2019A Grade1 1Youlden Parkville
16501213801148101295292350Matthew RichardsSouth Yarra2018/2019C North Grade4 1Melbourne City
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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