Match Review

Mercantile Cricket Association - A Grade
Round 9 - Sat 26 Nov 2022 (12:30PM)
South YarradefYoulden Parkville
Venue: Como Park (West Oval)Match ID: 4144813
Umpires: Umpire1: Graham Slater  Umpire2: Erik Tolhurst  
Scorers:  Not specified


Don't usually enter a match review, but thought this would be a good place to make a reoccurring observation.

The DUKES balls are seen to be below standard for this level. They don't hold together well and the seam isn't well presented either.

We understand and acknowledge the financial motive to move to this ball and that it's considerable cheaper than the grade 1 Kookaburra balls, but it's impacting the games and how bowlers perform in particular.

For SYCC we agree that we'd be happier to increase weekly match fees for the players to finance playing with better cricket balls. Perhaps use the grade 1 match balls for A/A Res, then grade 2 balls for C grade and grade 3 balls for D/E grade.

I don't think the opinion of the players will change in time, so this will keep coming up as a contentious issue throughout the season.

This review was entered for SYCC by: RHanna

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