Match Review

Mercantile Cricket Association - A Reserve
Round 8 - Sat 13 Jan 2018 (1:00PM), Sat 20 Jan 2018 (12:00PM)
Parkville DistrictdrewIndigos
Venue: Brens OvalMatch ID: 2678040
Umpires: Umpire1: Imran Hosen  Umpire2: Nabi Chowdhury  
Scorers:  Not specified

I would like to bring into your attention the below point.

While Parkville District were batting, the umpires signalled drinks in 2 overs. When the umpires called for drinks, the drinks weren't ready. The players and the umpires were made to wait at least for 5 minutes before the drinks came to the filed.

Few players including the umpires hesitate to have drink after seeing the water been contaminated. However, even after raising the issue with captain of PDCC, no apologise was asked.

This review was entered for Indigos by: harishankar shekar

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