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Mercantile Cricket Association - A Reserve
Round 9 - Sat 27 Jan 2018 (12:30PM)
IndigosdrewSacred Heart
Venue: Flemington Rd OvalMatch ID: 2678046
Umpires: Umpire1: Wilson Chan  Umpire2: John Sexton  
Scorers:  Not specified
I inspected the wicket in the morning and proposed 2pm start given the wicket was wet. For a surprise, MCA asked us to start the match at 12.30pm. The match started on time with one over bowled; the umpires decided that the wicket is not suitable to continue and made us wait for 1.15 hour before the game started again. I am not sure why MCA proposed "Normal" start given the actual proposed time was 2pm

This review was entered for Indigos by: harishankar shekar

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