The South Yarra Cricket Club aims to provide a positive sporting environment for the benefit of all members. We will endeavour to always provide for the health, welfare and well being of all our members and supporters at all times. When representing the South Yarra Cricket Club, all players, coaches, officials, parents, supporters and committee members have a responsibility to conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the ethics outlined below in the code of conduct.


Code of Conduct:

Our club members will:

·         Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion

·         Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others

·         Never condone rule violations, rough play or the use of prohibitive substances

·         Display consistently high standards of positive behaviour and appearance

·         Consider the safety and well-being of participants at all times

·         Ensure all activities are modified to suit the age, ability and maturity of participants

·         Promote fair play and participation rather than a win at all costs attitude

·         Hold appropriate qualifications for a position and provide quality supervision and instruction

·         Always respect the decisions of officials and support them to carry out their duties

·         Follow all guidelines of the state body and/or league and/or association and/or club

·         Respect the policies and practices of the governing body including racial and religious tolerance, welcoming and inclusive environs, responsible alcohol consumption and the like

·         Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility, in particular when dealing with persons under 18 years of age

·         Ensure all persons who have direct and unsupervised contact with persons under the age of 18 have completed the Working with Children Check.


The South Yarra Cricket Club is primarily interested in playing within the “spirit of the game. All members of the South Yarra Cricket Club are expected to follow the code of conduct. Breaches of the code of conduct maybe reported to the executive, members found by the executive of breaching the code of conduct shall be liable for a penalty as determined by the executive and ratified by the full committee. Penalties may include suspension of players, suspended sentences and reprimands.

Specific areas of concern and those unacceptable to the South Yarra Cricket Club include:


The generation of an unpleasant atmosphere – when allowed to develop over an extended period, usually as an attempt to intimidate the umpire or opposition players, or as an ongoing expression of dissatisfaction with the state of the match.


Racial and religious slurs - derogatory comments or slurs about a player's race or religion have no place at a cricket match and offenders will be liable for serious penalties.


Questioning or disputing an umpire’s decision or failing to follow the umpire’s instructions - This is often in an aggressive or sarcastic or argumentative or prolonged manner. This applies equally to dismissals and unsuccessful appeals, and to the judgement of no balls and wides, byes and leg byes, ground and weather and light rulings, the use of covers etc. Members of the batting side acting as umpires, at either end, are official umpires and should be treated accordingly.


The use of offensive language – generally as a disparaging remark to an opposition player, or to an umpire, or to a member of the public, or even as a loud expression of frustration or self-admonishment.


The actions of the dismissed batsman - by word or action, in failing to leave the crease promptly on being dismissed, dissenting, lingering histrionics, equipment abuse on or off the ground etc.


‘Send offs’ to the dismissed batsman – if made in an uncomplimentary manner by voice or action by members of the fielding side.

Procedure for dealing with a reported breach of the code of conduct:


  1. Players may be reported for a breach of the code of conduct by any member of the general committee, or any captain. Reports must be made by email to the secretary of the club within 2 days of the offence.
  2. The secretary will provide a copy of the report to the player and the Executive (office bearers).
  3. The reported player shall be given the opportunity to contest or accept the report, if he accepts the report he may outline the circumstances which relate to the level of the penalty.
  4. The executive shall deliberate on the verdict.
  5. If “guilty” the Executive shall have the right to impose penalties including suspension of players, suspended sentences and reprimands.
  6. Any penalty agreed to by the executive shall be ratified by the full committee.
  7. The player shall be informed in writing of the verdict and any penalty imposed.
  8. Any suspension imposed shall be in matches. The term of the suspension will be governed by matches actually played (ie. a wash out does not count) in the grade where the report arose.
  9. Should a player be suspended by the Association as well as by the club for an offence, the player shall serve the longer of the two sentences imposed.
  10. The secretary will maintain a copy of all correspondence relating to breaches of the code of conduct.