2017/18 Pre-season training

Training dates have been locked in for pre-season 2017/18 at Hawthorn in August and TnF in September. Locations: August - Hawthorn Cricket Centre , 11 Read more

MCA B Grade Premiers - 2016/17

The skipper was feeling pretty good about things following the completion of the Tuesday session before the Grand Final. The side was coming off an excellent Read more

1 Oliver Lovejoy121A Grade4
2 Nick Martin106B Sunday Grade9
3 Kirk Mackelvie105C South Grade9
4 Andrew Puglia94B Grade5
5 Varun Wijewardane93A Grade2
6 Philip Gunn89D Grade7
7 Jeremy King89B Sunday Grade7
8 Chris C McKenna80D Sunday Grade10
9 Andrew Puglia78B Grade9
10 Scott Cruttenden78A Grade2


Yarras C Grade Premiership