C Cup Saturday South versus Burners - Round 5 (04NOV)
Date of Event : Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:50PM

C Cup Sat versus Burners – R5 (Strachanys team)


Looking at Burners line up, we were going to have to be at the top of our game as a few of their A Graders  seemed to be slumming it in C SAT South.


Losing the toss (0 for 4), we were asked to bowl on Walker Street Oval. With short, straight boundaries and the pitch having a nice South-North slope I channelled the wisdom of an experienced captain, so  I got Jazzy (4 for 19 off 9) and Shafty (Cam McKay 1 for 24 off 6) to chose an end with rock, papers, scissors. Cam generously lost and would be bowling uphill.


From this point, Jazzy had the spell of his career (that I have seen). His line and length impeccable. One wicket had a ball swing in a foot and take the off bail after Gill (A Grader) shouldered arms.  Beautiful!


New kid on the block DB (Dan Brevcevic - 1 for 19 off 5) got his first wicket for the club and Burners were struggling at 6 for 66 at drinks. We have lost the 2nd session in previous games, but this week we were pretty focused. Alas we had some catches dropped, but in saying that, my proudest moment of the day was when Jazzy put one down, BUT the team backed him up and we focused on that next ball. I can’t say how that felt. Normally, if a catchable ball is dropped, the bowler storms, the fielders slump and you could hear a rat piss on cotton. But we had Jazzy’s back and we moved on quickly.


Danger man (Blackey) came in and looked a cut above. I brought on Sully (1 for 25 off 7) as a change end bowler, but kept him on and Sully brought the hate accordingly (he loves to dig one in, he does). Scaring one tailender with a fend, Slim took a nice catch and we looked good to work into the Burners tail.


Spin twins, Pal (3 for 19 off 5) and Firey slowed the pace down and Pal and Hughesy combined to create the slickest of stumpings. That is, it was a waist high fully (batsman had advanced, so no, no-ball), the ball then dropped onto Hughesy’s keeping pads and then trickled  onto the stumps. Stunped! Well planned lads! Burners eventually rolled or 127.


We needed a good start, but with Sully (1) out early we needed to be smart and ensure we kept wickets in hand. Once again, the two most reliable lads in our team did the job. Richo (54) and Firey (48 n.o) delivered with a 93 run partnership. We were only going at 3 an over, but it’s all that we needed. New comer Corny (Dylan Chigwidden-3), entered after Richo tried going over the top, but was caught on the boundary.  Alas, his first foray was undone by a good ball, and then with 28 to get, we were a little nervous as we have choked on small totals before (that’s what she said).


Luckily, I was finally able to get a few off the middle including my trademark leg side clip * and with the help of Fireys energy in making 2s into 3s and 1s into 2, we passed Burners score with 7 wickets to spare.  A good win.


C SAT South, continue to build. The ‘Team Positive’ mantra just makes for a good day out and even with so many rotating through my team, I feel ALL the lads are contributing. For example, Slim, didn’t get a bat or bowl, but he threw himself, body down (as his back is out) to stop a possible 4. Jazzy, had a great day out, not with his bowling, but his backing up and energy in the field, brilliant. Hughesy, continues to be amazing behind the stumps and basically, I feel, we will contend against all comers.



*So my signature shot has only been played once. But let me talk you through it. I had an off season practicing this shot. Ryan (Bomber) pretty much said, Strachany, these leg side balls are money for jam, have a crack ya pussy. Two years later, I flicked my first one off the middle and for 4! I was like a kid wanting to tell my dad I scored a hundred! Yes, T Shirts and TED talk will be forthcoming.

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Author: David Strachan