D Saturday v OCG

D Saturday V OCG It was a lovely day at Como albeit a little brisk in the shade. The team had gone through somewhat of a transformation with 8 changes Read more

D Sunday 29 Oct 17

Another great all-round team effort saw D Sunday comfortably beat Thornbury in the end CC won the toss (again) and decided to bat (again). A disastrous Read more

1 Declan Lines173A Grade3
2 Norm Szostak105D Grade12
3 Viplove Sharma104B Sunday Grade10
4 Declan Lines96A Grade2
5 Luke Hudgson91A Reserve2
6 Ethan Sharpe90A Reserve7
7 Adam Wirth87A Grade2
8 Viplove Sharma86A Reserve4
9 Martin Joyce86D Grade11
10 Chris Konolige85D Sunday Grade4


Yarras C Grade Premiership