Last Man Standing Social Event-13 Feb 16

Welcome to the inaugural social event, Last Man Standing. Brain child of our own Sammy Chapman (normally last man standing at the Prahran Hotel) , the Read more


South Yarra Cricket Club Training details The Yarras train at Como Oval on Tuesday and Thursdays from 5pm to beer time. Thursday nights normally include Read more

20 Glen Iris South Yarra
20 Clayton District South Yarra
19 Canterbury South Yarra
19 Mannix Old Collegians South Yarra
18 South Yarra IN PROGRESS Melbourne Strikers
18 Parkville District South Yarra Sunday XI
17 Burnley CYMS def by South Yarra Sunday XI
17 South Yarra def Glen Iris
17 South Yarra def Clayton District
11 South Yarra IN PROGRESS Youlden Parkville
17 Power House def South Yarra
17 South Yarra def Burnley CYMS
16 South Yarra def Carnegie
16 South Yarra def Burnley CYMS
16 Maccabi AJAX def South Yarra Sunday XI
1 Viplove Sharma107A Grade8
2 Zeus Irani102A Reserve3
3 Matthew Richards102D Grade2
4 Colin Whitehouse97C Grade17
5 Neil Dawson95D Grade3
6 Luke Hudgson90A Reserve7
7 Neil Dawson89D Grade6
8 Matthew Richards82C Grade8
9 Andrew Puglia80A Reserve2
10 Michael Wentworth80B Sunday Grade11
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Yarras C Grade Premiership